Tax laws are confusing. Very.

Whether you need detailed technical assistance, help with navigating through the complexities of taxing authority rules and regulations, or merely a contact to resolve a matter that seems to drag on, we can provide the expertise to efficiently improve your state and local tax compliance.

Why Downey, Smith & Fier? One word sums it up…results.

We put our clients first. We built the core foundation of our practice by putting our clients first and addressing their needs, starting with looking for tax liabilities before filing refunds. We have built long-term relationships by providing value and omitting those annoying nickel and dime charges for simple phone calls.

We’re focused. We focus our practice on tax refunds and savings. Most CPA firms and tax department’s core services address the huge task of tax compliance. DSF supports those activities by addressing tax refunds/savings, which in turn improves the compliance process.

Experience is everything. We have assembled an extraordinary team of tax professionals with backgrounds in government, big four accounting and industry. We bring the experience of thousands of refund reviews to each client.

Where do we start?

It’s ok if you don’t know which questions to ask as long as you end up with the answers – and results – you need. That’s where we come in.


Tax Recovery pays for itself

Our experience has shown that every business overpays tax based on the complexity and cost to claim every tax-reducing exemption, deduction and credit. Our recovery services are designed to identify and maximize these available exemptions, deductions and credits, while pursuing refunds for prior periods. There is no cost or risk for our free assessment and compliance validation. Generally, businesses may go back three to four years and recover taxes from a tax jurisdiction or vendor that was paid incorrectly based on an unclaimed or unknown tax benefit. Most Recovery Services are performed on a contingent basis such that they are self-funding, while your business benefits from the new and increased knowledge improving future compliance and reducing tax costs.

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Facing an Audit or Audit Assessment?

Is your audit on track for quick resolution? Are there questions or inquiries that you are evaluating how best to respond? Has an assessment been issued or proposed? If you answered yes, what next? DSF is here to help. Our team of professionals have over 100 years of experience and relationships throughout the country with many tax agencies. We tailor our services to each clients needs, their issues and where the audit is in the process. Call us for an initial no-cost consultation. Our team of experts assist clients to manage their audits, evaluate the best response to inquires, identify offsets and audit reductions, evaluate sampling and testing, navigate the formal appeals process or pursue settlement.

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Tax credits and exemption reduce future tax costs…

Many tax exemptions, credits and other incentives require advanced application, qualification and/or approval before benefits can be claimed or recognized. Without these steps benefits may be lost. DSF can assist your business to understand the requirements, deadlines and the steps necessary to maximize your benefit. Your business will be best positioned to immediately recognize these tax saving at the earliest possible point. Synchronizing review and documentation with your return filing increases the accuracy of your compliance and reduces/eliminates any need for amended returns or claims for refund. We often work with our clients to coordinate these services between the end of accounting periods and tax return due dates. The real-time feedback provides a foundation for improved compliance and tax decisions.

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