There are literally billions of dollars of government tax credits and incentives set aside for all types of companies that are meant to encourage innovation and economic growth. These benefits may result in tax refunds and savings which could be invested in hiring new employees, developing new products or services, purchasing new equipment or even just improving your profitability.

Identifying credit and incentive opportunities AND taking advantage of them can be challenging. Downey, Smith & Fier has developed a practice with a team of experts that know how to connect your business with the tax incentives and credits it qualifies for. We can quickly reveal the incentivized activities that your business is engaged in and convert those related expenditures into tax benefits.

Example of incentivized business activities:


Our Approach

We recognize that running a successful business takes a vast amount of time, resource and focus. That doesn’t leave much room for researching incentive programs and the complicated rules and regulations that surround them. Our goal is to serve our clients in two ways: Make sure you are getting every bit of tax credit and incentive you qualify for and do this in a way that minimizes your time and effort. We take steps to ensure that we are leveraging our own time, resources and focus at all times so you can stay focused on what is most important, your business.


Next Steps

Every year tax laws change, incentives come and go, and statutes that allow you to claim refunds in older tax years, expire. Time to take action is limited. Don’t wait to contact us to explore your opportunities for tax refunds and savings!


Featured Credits and Incentive Services: