Annually, companies throughout the nation inadvertently overpay their sales and use taxes. At Downey, Smith & Fier, we make it our mission to maximize the potential for your company receives the highest possible refund within the constraints of the current rules and regulations. With more than two decades of experience, we take pride in assisting companies from diverse industries in obtaining refunds from both their vendors and the state tax officials


Tax recovery services are in demand primarily because of the intricate nature of tax policies, varying interpretations of tax laws, and the divergent tax regulations across states. The realm of taxation is continually evolving, marked by the frequent addition, removal, and modification of tax exemptions. Identifying these modifications can prove challenging, as their interpretation and application to your own tax situation can be confusing. Additionally, the presence of distinct sets of rules and regulations in individual states further amplifies these complexities, presenting significant challenges for businesses to navigate. These issues are pervasive across industries and can result in substantial financial losses, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, stemming from inadvertent overpayments.


By entrusting Downey, Smith & Fier to conduct a thorough examination of your data, you open the door to the opportunity of reclaiming a substantial sum of money that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. DSF dedicates the necessary time to unearth any overpayments, not limiting our efforts to the most obvious cases. Our pride lies in our capacity to spot discrepancies often overlooked by others. In addition to our extensive decades-long experience in tax recovery, we harness the power of technology to uncover hidden irregularities buried within complex datasets. We don’t merely resolve issues, we proactively work to prevent them. Leveraging our wealth of experience and expertise, we collaborate with your staff and vendors to establish and implement the correct taxation processes.